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Quality that can only be equaled


  Bradley Cook formed Huckleberry Fence in the fall of 1996. Bradley, an award-winning cartoonist with a penchant for wordplay, explains “I got home and went to my desk, sat down and began thinking … let's see … cartoons about fences … can't think of anything … let's see … stories about fences … let's see … there's Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fence … That's how fast the name came … in about a minute. I continued to jot down names but after 3 weeks said to myself ‘Nothing's coming close!’ ” Thus began the oddity “Huckleberry Fence.”

A self admitted fence nerd, Bradley can often be seen driving up and down the streets of Eugene, looking for that next idea. “I look to past fences of my own and other crafters, searching for ways to refine the creation and improve durability.” That is why all Huckleberry Fences are nailed with 2" galvanized nails in a straight line pattern. No Staples!! We know you will appreciate the extra time, effort, and superior materials we use to build your cedar fence.



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